Medium ········· Wool,smyrna,rope


Within this project I’ve been busy with the alienation about one’s self, in which one cannot grab or feel the recognisability.

To remind us that the physicality of the human body, up to the present, remains irreproducible.

Yet, the self-alienation that guides behaviors and shapes psychological patterns, which we mistakenly perceive as our identity, is easily reproducible time after time, to secure control.


Chella Giphart has been busy with the alienation about one’s self, in which one cannot grab or feel the recognisability.

A feeling of losing control, that causes a lack of the ability to provide conscious limitation of impulses and behavior as a result of overwhelming unease. She is questioning herself, what lays beyond our strength, and where do we have no control over?

During her practice, she tries to seek what the causes are of self-alienation, and how can one work with it? She processes her alienation into an imaginative image where she tries
to express it in a playful, humorous, yet uncanny way.

For me, the estrangement with the body is essential to keep on dismantling and researching. Tools that allow me to create translations for my own alienation. A translation that can turn out to be a kind of psychological observation.

To paint a better image, where I could translate it into something helpful, enchanting, and cheerful. To embrace it more.


With this piece, I aimed to evoke feelings of awe and estrangement, where the viewer encounters a being positioned uncomfortably.Through this encounter, the viewer and the being forge a connection, gradually making the situation comfortable—a rapprochement between them. The piece explores the dynamic between two beings collaborating: one initially embracing control, while the other gracefully relinquishes it.

The position will revert back once the viewer leaves the installation, allowing the being to return to its original state. It will resume its repeated pattern of behavior,embodying the identity of an alienated situation.

2024 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands