Medium ········· Wires,rice paper,fimo
Year ..........2019


This project started with the interests of observing other humans' behaviours and appearances. How do we look at people? Once we encounter one another, how do we observe and hold attention to each other? I became fascinated with the term eye tracking. A tool of how we respond and look at things. To see how we make patterns and lines with our eyes.

Through research and small experiments, I aimed to make eye-tracking patterns visible, providing an insight into how we observe each other.In the next phase of this project, I focused on highlighting points related to our internal approaches. Inspired by the nerve system, which plays a coordinating role in all our actions, I created pieces that seek to illuminate and clarify certain aspects. When external details become unclear, the internal components become visible as they emit a glowing effect. This effect symbolizes the activation of nerves within our body when we interact with one another.

2024 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands