Exhibition ········· Current Obsession
Year .......... 2021

Participations..........Caroline Bach, Augustina Banyte, Chella Giphart, Minhwa Kang


A collaborative exhibition called "HATCH" which took part of the "Obsessed" jewelry event organized by Current Obsession. We were delighted and excited to exhibit in the Volkshotel, Amsterdam on the 13-15th of November 2021.

"Hatch, ready to enter the world! Our best feathers are on and we are ready to air our wearable pieces. Our beak is polished and hard enough to break the shell of our cocoon. Hatch is a show crossing the borders of the jewellery world, it allows cross-disciplinary artists to offer fresh wearable art to the eye, nose, hand, and chest. Visit us in our warm perch incubator to get a little rest with comforting pieces of art jewellery before taking the big jump and flying in the world. The show Hatch will showcase the wing stretching of the fledgling artist in a three days show with a program of events, performance, and exhibition at the Volkshotel."


Within this installation, I present a body that
embodies internal experiences and sensations,influenced by the affliction caused by negative associations and energies of people. The purpose is to externalize these experiences, preventing them from becoming trapped within the body and allowing them to flow freely. This process facilitates self-awareness and renewal, enabling an exploration of how one’s form can both shape and transform.

The solitary body, acting as its own agent, generates and intertwines with a sense of trust and bonding with oneself. This is particularly relevant when navigating external experiences that consistently trigger stress and pain responses in our bodies,encompassing misinterpretations, anxiety, class,race, and intimacy conflicts. The essence lies in establishing the right balance of communication between the self and other life form.

Works by Caroline Bach, Augustina Banyte, Chella Giphart, Minhwa Kang



2024 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands