Exhibition ········· Current Obsession - OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival
Year .......... 2023

Participations..........Caroline Bach, Darius Wojdyga,Chella Giphart,Claire Normand,Maria Stella Lydaki

HATCH - 2023

We actively took part in the OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival 2023, extending invitations to friends, family, and others to join our exploration of a sanctuary—a place where the soul discovers solace.

The sanctuary, is a place where you can rest, heal and if you are lucky, call your home. Safe space, (chosen)family, country, hug, shelter, house, cave, tree, etc… It can be called several names. We brought 5 artists freshly hatching from their school's workshop, ready to take off in the scary world. With this show, they will welcome you into their nest, combining a selection of jewellery and fine arts installations. We will together take a moment to feel hope, search, longing for life and future.

OT301 | Overtoom 301 | 1054 HW | Amsterdam | 17,18,19th of November

Caroline Bach,Darius Wojdyga,Chella Giphart, Claire Normand, Stella Maria Lydaki

Chella Giphart


Crystallized Valley

Within this project, I'm telling a story about wandering the lands of our home. Our base is our sanctuary, where you keep on cultivating inside and outside of you. Back to what we call home. What does that mean for each of us? We will at all times protect it to this day. It reforms and refines you and it is a continuation of everything you’ll experience.

My journey started during my stay at the La Wayaka residency in the driest place on earth called the Atacama desert. Where I discovered and found these connotations and nuances of the land that I've visited. There, I found tons of Mica gemstones in the Moon Valley area.
The Atacama desert is sacredly described and protected by the indigenous Lican Antay people, who have shown us this magical terra (aka mother earth) and how she is always with us. To believe that it is important for us to preserve our base and be sentient to ourselves.

Mica is known for its properties of protection and symbolizes among other things like homesickness. It has led me to create houses made of the clay that I found in the dried-up river near our abode in the desert.

The windows are made of Mica which crystallizes during the heat. 

Material: Clay sourced from the dried-up river
Technique: Grinding  the clay into powder,molding

Place: Atacama desert, Chile


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2024 — Amsterdam, The Netherlands