Medium ········· Photography
Year········· 2023
Place.......Atacama Desert,Chile

Lawayaka Current Residency

In May 2023, I spent my time in the La Wayaka residence, laying in the Atacama desert. Thoughts and feelings that I took with me are impossible to describe how the experience truly was. I only know it has been a very meaningful and healing journey. I can not be more thankful to the ones whom I’ve shared this experience with. The evening walks, the discussions during dinner and the things we’ve been visiting. It felt like a different existence for all of us, and it will always be in the back of our minds.

The La Wayaka residence became a haven for creation, collaboration, and collective daydreaming. My days were filled with immersion in the garden—writing, drawing, working with textiles, and shaping clay sourced from the nearby surroundings.

As I continue to digest the nuances of this journey, the depth of my learning reveals itself in unexpected ways. The experiences and encounters have become a source of inspiration for my artistic practice. Through the lens of my camera, I captured the essence of the environment,collecting visual fragments that now serve as a rich palette for my creativity.

During this trip, we collectively celebrated our experiences by organizing and presenting an exhibition in San Pedro. The vibrant culmination of our artistic expressions added another layer to the tapestry of our time in the Atacama desert.

The magic that unfolded during our stay was accompanied by an overwhelming sense of support and love from the community that formed within those arid landscapes. Each image I captured serves not only as a documentation of the external world but as a vessel for the memories, emotions, and growth that unfolded during that time.




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